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Co-Guide Your Own Tour

Do you have a passion and desire to collaborate with others as they advance in their spiritual transformation exploring the sacred lands of Egypt? If so, you might be an ideal co-guide. While there are opportunities to co-guide one of our existing Sacred Egyptian Tours, co-guides also have a unique opportunity to create their own itineraries when signing up groups of eight or more.

We encourage you to configure a tour that complements your specific areas of knowledge, interests or even geared towards your current business endeavors—you even have some freedom to set your own price points. We also have an experienced local guide that will assist you and your guests throughout the journey.

If you choose to create your own itinerary, our team can handle the booking of every aspect of your tour including 5-star accommodations, Nile cruises, round-trip transportation, in-country flights, and sacred site tours. Total tour package prices for each of your guests will include everything mentioned above in addition to meals, gratuities, taxes, and admission to the sacred sites on your custom itinerary.

Are you feeling compelled to take advantage of our co-guide opportunities? If so, fill out the form below leaving us your contact information and the type of tour package you are interested in customizing or co-guiding, and we will be in touch soon.

Do you have experience in leading or co-leading an Egyptian tour?
Arrival and Departure dates are included in the total number of tour days,
Our Nile cruises usually start in Luxor.
These are Exclusive private events, just for your group. (You will have this event just for your group).

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