Sound and Light show at the Giza Pyramids ($50.00 per person)

Two hours of lasers drench the Giza Pyramids and Great Sphinx in this extravaganza featuring a rainbow of colors. With the Sphinx serving as the ‘Storyteller,’ gain greater insight into the stories of ancient Egypt and this sacred site. Two-way transportation between the site and hotel is included.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Across Luxor ($150.00 per person)

Arise early and get a birds eye view of the incredible sights and sounds of Luxor aboard a hot air balloon for 45-60 minutes. Transportation across the river bank from our accommodations, land transport to the launch site, and a boxed breakfast is included.

Sound and Light Show at Philae Temple ($60.00 per person)

Prepare your mind, body and spirit for the upcoming private sunrise meditation and tour of Isis’ Temple at Philae with this experience of lights and sounds honoring and narrating the story of Isis, Osiris and Horus.

Abu Simble Temple Optional ($200.00 per person)

Take part in a private two hour experience within the sacred Abu Simbel Temple, where numerous pharaohs are honored in addition to deities such as the love Goddess Hathor and Ramses II’s wife Nefertari. Round trip transfers from the yacht are included along with a boxed breakfast and lunch upon return. This journey requires 4 participants minimum.

Nubian Village ($40.00 per person)

Get picked up by a private tour company and be escorted by private motorboat a bit further down the Nile River to a peaceful Nubian Village. During this 90 minute tour, you’ll witness first-hand the Nubian’s peaceful traditions and culture despite their reputation as fierce defensive warriors.

Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show ($50 per person)

There’s no better way to fully shed off the layers of harbored fear, anger and resentments discovered at the day’s earlier tour of Karnak Temple and Sekhmet’s blessings than the brilliant Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple after sunset.

Camel Ride at Giza Pyramids ($25.00 per person)

Partake in a 20 minute ride atop a camel and traverse the areas around the pyramids of Giza for a must-have Egyptian experience. A reputable company and guide enhances the experience and provides photo opportunities.

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