Arguably the world’s most extensive and elaborate burial ground, the sacred Egyptian site of Saqqara is the oldest cemetery of unified Egypt and the final resting place of countless royals and nobles. This impressive necropolis of Memphis is also home to the oldest stone pyramid in the world—the Step Pyramid of Djoser—a feat which would ultimately influence the builders of future pyramids and complexes including the Great Pyramid of Giza. Djoser was the first king of the Third Dynasty of Egypt, and his vizier—Imhotep—envisioned more than the traditional rectangular mastaba tombs crafted from dried bricks.

The royal architect had builders utilize large stones to craft multiple mastabas atop one another to create the what is now known as the Step Pyramid of Djoser. This masterpiece has 5700 meters of tunnels, shafts, galleries, and chambers, and there are likely countless undiscovered underground passageways as well. However, this Saqqara site’s rich history reaches further back in time than the Third Dynasty and has served a number of mystical purposes throughout the centuries.

Step Pyramid of DjoserPowerful Mystics and Magicians Practiced and Trained at Saqqara

Much more than a realm for the dead, this is a place that was also designed to assist the living in numerous ways—including magic. In fact, it’s believed that the greatest magic and alchemy ever known was practiced and taught in other Old Kingdom tombs around the Step Pyramid. Training and practice took place in the “Temple Beautiful” but was only open to those who were willing to overcome all attachments to fear and the demands of the ego. All deemed worthy to enter the Temple Beautiful must fully embrace the divine forces of nature and a life of harmony and love.

Priests of the Cosmic Order of Melchizedek and the Unas Texts

This sacred site is also the location of the Unas Pyramid where the high priests of the Cosmic Order of Melchizedek came in the Fifth Dynasty to preserve ancient knowledge with the Unas or Pyramid Texts. These texts and images are intended to display the soul’s ascension through celestial dimensions and the process of resurrection or rebirth. Throughout this depository of information, there are also written prayers and instructions, and as a whole, these texts would ultimately be comprised in the Egyptian “Book of the Dead.”

Step Pyramid of Djoser

Home to History’s Most Advanced Healers

Located within the great outer walls of the complex are a series of chambers that house multiple cone-like racks that aren’t found anywhere else amid Egyptian temples. Essentially, these chambers were used to teach healers about the power of vibration and each room emits particular resonant frequencies to heal the etheric body. Ancient wisdom keepers consider this site to be a ‘hospital,’ and they coupled the power of sound with the power of the mind and divine forces of nature. They believed that having the ability to control the mind against self-destructive thoughts was a sign of true awakening and that sound was a vital part of this process.

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