The Kemetic word ‘neter’ and its feminine form ‘netert’ have been commonly utilized to refer to forces many believe to be ‘gods and goddesses.’ While these entities are most often attributed to ancient Egyptian beliefs, they were also revered in many other ancient cultures under various names. However, considering the Egyptian’s strong belief in the ‘oneness’ of ALL forms of life, one might see the neteru of ancient Egypt for what they really are—forces of nature that are highly relevant in today’s world.


Egyptian Neteru: The Many Faces of Creation

Neter loosely translates to ‘divine names and principles,’ which is what Egyptian Gods and Goddesses ultimately represent rather than the ‘images’ seen upon the wall of sacred Egyptian temples and other depictions of their various ‘forms.’ However, Neteru are literally transformational divine forces that are able to generate life…they are energetic forms that manifest themselves during the creation cycle.

These forces of nature experience the same birth-growth-death-and renewal processes of all living beings. As such, neter and netert are not gods and goddesses but rather the personification of an attribute or function of the One God, Creator/Creatrix, aka the many faces and aspects of one supreme being that created the universe and everything within it.

While this all seems like ancient history, the neteru of the ancient Egyptians are likely even more relevant in today’s world than ever before.

The Relevance of the Neteru of Ancient Egypt in Today’s World

The Egyptian neteru represent the powerful forces of the universe that are so vital, no life could survive without them. Take Ra, the sun neter for example. We love the sun, appreciate the sun, and we rely on this hydrogen ball of gas to provide us with warmth and light for our very existence—as do all living things on earth. However, humans are more likely to have a ‘relationship’ with the ideology of the sun god Ra than the sun itself.

The Neteru of ancient Egypt also allow us opportunities to possess a greater knowledge concerning beneficial values and virtues amid humankind. One can look to the principles of Ma’at for issues of justice and order, while one might consider the stories of Horus as one who represents the victory of good over evil. The loving nature, wisdom and magic of Isis along with Thoth’s nature towards making the right choices can be invaluable in anyone’s world today—and perhaps even much needed to maintain balance and reason in a profoundly alarming society.

Neteru provide us with a unique opportunity to understand the profound relationship between all things in the universe and have a greater sense of respect and connection with them. Through ‘interacting’ with these divine forces in any fashion, one can stay mindful of what really matters in life…what’s worth fighting for…working for…and what no longer serves a higher purpose in their life.


Connect with Neteru and Your Higher Self on a Sacred Journey

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