Sacred Egyptian Tour (December 11th-25th 2019)

  • Great Pyramid
  • Great Sphinx
  • Edfu Temple
  • Private yacht on the Nile
  • Luxury Nile Yacht Cruise
  • Luxury Nile Yacht Cruise
  • Sacred-Egyptiantours-2C
  • Luxury Nile Yacht Cruise
  • Luxury Nile Yacht Cruise
  • Luxury Nile Yacht Cruise
  • Luxury Nile Yacht Cruise
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Isis Temple
  • Karnak Temple
  • Karnak Temples
  • Hatshepsut Temple
  • Colossi of Memnon
  • Temple of Edfu



This sacred tour features 5-star accommodations, exclusive private tours and optional side trips and experiences. Our Sacred Egyptian Tour is an ideal balance between land-based outings and a week-long Cruise down the celestial Nile River. This 15 day spiritual pilgrimage has been meticulously planned as a journey of enlightenment and re-alignment with the Higher Self.

The exclusivity of our expertly guided trips help one remain focused on reconnecting with universal spirit and exploring higher levels of consciousness as we embrace the divine energy amid Egypt’s most sacred ancient sites. Dedicated, experienced and knowledgable guides will be available to assist guests 24/7 throughout the tour.

What’s Provided in Our All-Inclusive Egyptian Tour



Round-trip airport transfers and meet and greet service
Private deluxe transportation to and from daily group outings
Private tour guide (English speaking)
Domestic flights to tour destinations
All sightseeing tours on the itinerary including entry fees
Multiple exclusive private tours including entry and gratuity
Hotel accommodations and 5-star lodging on private Nile yacht cruise
Group meals including tips (not including alcoholic beverages)
Service charges, taxes, and gratuities for hotel, restaurant, and yacht crew
Wi-Fi Service Upon Availability
24/7 guest relations and assistance during the trip
Bottled water during outings


International airfare to Cairo Egypt
Entry VISA fees ($25.00 USD)
Optional tours (see optional tour events)
Personal spending
Alcoholic beverages
Hotel room service
Laundry services




Day 1 | Arrival in Cairo

One of our representatives will assist you with entry processes and then escort you in a private air conditioned vehicle to a 5-Star hotel where you can rest comfortably overnight.


Day 2 | Saqqara Pyramid of Djoser

After an Awakening Circle we’ll travel to the sacred site of Saqqara and visit the impressive Step Pyramid of Djoser, its sound and healing chambers, and tombs with inscriptions that inspired the Egyptian Book of the Dead. We will also visit the local rug making school if time permits.


Day 3 | Private Great Sphinx Tour and Cairo Museum

Enjoy an exclusive two-hour private tour at the Sphinx, where you can physically touch this mysterious Egyptian icon and take photos. We’ll also visit the sensational Essential Oil Palace in Cairo and the Cairo Museum before dinner. An optional evening Light and Sound Show at the Giza Pyramids is also available


Day 4 | Fly to Luxor, Check Into Yacht and Luxor Temple

After a short flight to Luxor, we’ll board a luxurious private yacht on the Nile to prepare for a week long first-class cruise. After settling in, we will embark on an evening tour of Luxor Temple—a place celebrating the rejuvenation of kingship and activation of inner light.


Day 5 | Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple & Colossi of Memnon

Home to the tombs of Tutankhamen, Ramses III and VII, Seti I and many others, today we’ll visit the Valley of the Kings at the Necropolis of Thebes along the Nile’s west bank.  From there, we’ll drive to Hatshepsut Temple and the Colossi of Memnon before returning to the yacht. There is also an optional early morning hot air ballon ride over Luxor available.


Day 6 | Edfu Temple and Cruising the Nile

After a gourmet breakfast on our private yacht, we’ll depart to visit the Edfu Temple—one of the most monumental and well-preserved ancient structures in Egypt which is dedicated to Horus and his parents Isis and Osiris. After exploring the numerous sacred spaces here, you’ll spend the rest of the day on the yacht dining and relaxing as you please while cruising to the next location.


Day 7 | Relaxing Day and Overnight in Aswan & Optional Tour

We will take time to recharge in the city of Aswan where 5-Star meals and beverages are provided on the yacht. At dusk, there is an optional tour available to view the Sound and Light Show at the sacred Philae site.


Day 8 | Relaxing Day & Optional Tours

Relax on the yacht, partake in private sessions, or sign up for an optional two-hour private pilgrimage to Abu Simbel Temple. Another optional journey takes you to a Nubian Village where you can experience authentic Egyptian culture and sacred traditions.


Day 9 | Sunrise Meditation as Isis Temple and Aswan Bazaar

Today we will rise early for a sunrise meditation and private two hour tour at the Isis Temple at Philae and visit the most sacred sites amid the complex to honor the Great Mother and receive her blessings. Awaken your soul at Philae before our group heads to the Aswan Bazaar before returning to the yacht.


Day 10 | Kom Ombo Temple

The energies at Kom Ombo Temple honor two energetic forces: Sobek—the crocodile God representing the Lower Self and Horus representing the Higher Self. After facing the struggles between these two realms during this excursion, we’ll return to the yacht to embrace any insights learned and restore and rejuvenate.


Day 11 | Karnak Temple and Optional Sound and Light Show

Today, we will depart the yacht and check into the 5-Star Luxor Hotel. Our group will also travel to the awe-inspiring Karnak Temple. Here, one can purify the mind, body, spirit, embrace their fears, and unfold aspects of the authentic self amid Sekhmet’s Temple. An evening Sound and Light Show at Karnak is also optional.


Day 12 | Abydos Temple and Dendera Temple Tours

Our travels take us to a cosmic site at Abydos said to house the great beings of the Ennead that are situated above one of the planet’s premier energetic power centers. We will also visit the exquisite temple at Dendera dedicated to the Goddess of love, joy and abundance—Hathor and then return to the hotel for dinner.


Day 13 | Free Day & Flight to Cairo

Today, guests are free to explore around town or relax until our short flight departs for Cairo where we will check into our hotel for the night.


Day 14 | Private Great Pyramid Visit & Farewell Dinner

On our final day together we will awaken to commune for a two hour exclusive private sunrise meditation and activation ceremony amid the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. After awakening energies of the divine nature, an optional camel ride around the pyramids is available. The day concludes with a closing circle and communal farewell dinner.


Day 15 | Final Departure

Today, we wish you farewell with transportation to the Cairo airport and know that you will take new transformational energies and wisdom with you.




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