The exclusivity and all-inclusiveness of these Sacred Egyptian Tour experiences mean that our limited spots fill up rather quickly. Due to popularity, we have launched a standard wait list option and a VIP option for those wanting to ensure their place is secure for certain dates.

Standard Waiting List

Our standard waiting list option allows you to provide us with your contact information and tell us which Sacred Egyptian tour you are interested in and on which dates. A few weeks prior to the trip, we will contact those on the waiting list and spots are filled on a first-come first-serve commitment basis by respondents. However, those ready to commitment to a tour spot available now, should consider our VIP List option.

VIP Priority List

Individuals who join our VIP List can secure their spot on the journey of their choice with a $1000 deposit. For making the commitment early, we will reward VIPs with $500 in Quantum Stones product credit to use towards magnificent healing pendants and/or Sacred Egyptian Essential Oils.

To join our waiting list or VIP program, provide the information requested in the form including the tour you’re interested in and the best way for us to contact you. Terms and conditions apply, and will be available on the list application.